Saturday, January 30, 2010

Links and Resources Added

Thought I'd take the time to post a couple of website I like to visit for inspiration and information on the toy world! Also on the menu to the right I will be adding new links as I find them!

Toy Industry Association and Toy Info are great website to find out what's going on in the world of toy. the NY Toy Fair 2010 is just around the corner so make sure to check back towards the end of February for news and updates.

Toy Connections is a networking site for people in the toy industry.

Toys Design is a coroflot group. There are lots of members and a large image pool but I find that the content can stray from toy. Another coroflot group is Toy Design. The image pool is smaller but I find it better.

And finally Toy Arts. This website has a great links section where you can find pages to toy manufactures, inventors, and brands if you're looking to get an idea to market.

In the future I will try to have some posts that feature different toy designers. I'm frantically e-mail people to get this blog off the ground so stayed tuned!

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