Friday, June 11, 2010

Hero 108

Hey guys, I'll be helping out posting on this blog on my vinyl toys findings. For my first post, here's an awesome cartoon called Hero 108. This cartoon premiered on cartoon network on March 2010. It was produced by Gamania Digital Entertainment, Mike Young Productions, Moonscoop, and Cartoon Network Europe.

I like how the show is very stylized with sharp edgy characters. Each the characters also have a unique back story in which you can find here. Mainly I love that the style of shows reminds me so much of the vinyl toys scene. Luckily, I was able to find a few that was only distributed from last year's comic con in San Diego.

This is the turtle that the character rides on when they're on a mission to save their Commander Ape Trully. The next toy below is Mystique Sonia and the packaging they came in. She's been cursed with a spell when anyone who tell her he loves her three times in a row turns into a Yaksha. This creature sits on her head like a hat that also protects her from harm.

My favorite characters are the Zebra Brothers. I like their different color combination inspired from Ying Yang symbol. They're actually some of the villains of the show. The lanterns they're carrying have magical powers especially when there's a full moon.

Enjoy! Remember to check back soon!


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  2. If you have any extra zebra Brothers like the ones in the picture? if so I would like to have them. I really really like the zebra brothers from "hero 108".