Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blog Updates!

Time for me to give some updates. Because I have been struggling to keep the posts flowing, I have added 4 new authors to the blog! If you listened to the portfolio podcast then you have already met two of the new authors.

- MG is responsible for the awesome plush tutorial.
- Boxerinside is a da Vinci inspired gadget geek
- happyapathy is a vinyl toy junkie that has sent me many-a-posts
- GM teachers a sketching class while getting his masters,

I think they will add some well needed diversity to this blog.

If you have been following the blog since it's creation you know that I normally do a monthly feature. I am sorry but there will not be one for the month of June. I do however have several lined up that I have been meaning to e-mail. So never fear more professional knowledge will be coming!

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