Monday, February 22, 2010

Design Salary Survey

So this is for all the readers who are recent graduates, will be graduating, or just plain curious if you’re getting paid enough. Every year Coroflot conducts a Designer Salary Survey that I suggest all who are applicable take part in. I’ve filled it out every year since I started to work. It’s a great tool to help determine if you’re asking for too much or in most cases with recent graduates looking to land their first job, asking and/or offered too little.

There are several sections to the survey results but I will save you all some time and direct you to the goods. If you click this link you’ll be directed to the corculator. It’s a tool where you can select your profession, say industrial design, and then your experience level or job title and it will filter the data for you. Here you can find the low, average, and high salaries in a particular region, in-house corporate vs consultancy and all kinds of fun stuff. So do stop by the website and see if you’re making good.

Also the 2010 survey should be around the corner so I will post again when it’s time to participate.

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