Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thank you all!

Hey I just want to drop a quick line and thank everyone for the great responses! :) I am going to try my best to post everyday. Well, lets shoot for every other day...

So this is unrelated to toy but tonight I went to an AIGA event and got to see the amazingly talented Kyle Cooper talk about his work. You may not know his name, I didn't, but you definitely know his work. He's responsible for over 150 film title sequences including Seven, The Spiderman's, and most recently Sherlock Holmes. Anyways, go check out some of his work on you tube it's inspiring to say the least.

Now onto today's post! I've been slightly busy so I've decided to link to a tutorial from Creative Techs I find super useful! I use this a lot so I think I will piggy back on this tutorial and maybe create my own down the road on how this is used on toy.

And if anyone has something they'd like to learn, or teach, shoot me an e-mail and I'll work a post around it or post the contribution. Thanks again.

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