Sunday, March 14, 2010

Awesome illustrations

Hello everyone, I know it's been a while and I'm sorry! Things have been a little frantic at work since we just kicked off our 2011 product line. That and after being the interviewer at SCAD Atlanta a few weeks back I decided to catch up on my own portfolio since I haven't touched it since school; such a daunting task. I think a post on building a portfolio will be great in the future for students and those professionals who want to stay on top of theirs. Maybe some do's and don't's along with some examples of strong portfolios. I'll start talking to others to get input and create some kind of a list.

Today I was out getting my mind filled with inspiration in some toy stores for this years product launch when I stumbled upon a children's book named Harry and Horsie in Pottery Barn Kids. The illustration style is retro comic book and I freaking love it! It's written by Katie Van Camp an illustrated by Lincoln Agnew. I was not able to find too much work by Lincoln, he has a website but it's still under construction. I just love his style and I'm sure he has some more great work so when I find out more I'll make sure to post again. For now I did find this interview with him from the casual optimist. So stop by and read it!

If any of you are illustration buffs and want some inspiration check it out. Also, there is a donation made with each purchase to
Free the Children, it's an organization that brings healthy drinking water to developing nations. Great art, great cause, you have nothing to lose! My book's already in the mail!

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