Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Great find on Toysrevil by one of the readers!

Gatotkaca is the first figurine released by Indonesian studio ProxyFigures. I don't know a thing about Indonesian culture except that my fiancees old roommate was Indonesian and she annoyed the shit out of me. But that is an unrelated story really having nothing to do with Indonesian culture to tell over a drink. :) All I know is that wikipedia tells me that he is a character from an old folklore...please excuse my ignorance.

This figure is pretty cool! It looks hand painted in the photograph there but that may just be a prototype shown at a fair I'm not sure. Hopefully they will improve the quality for the final production. That being said, there will only be 100 released worldwide so if you're a collector grab one up! You can click the link up there ^ for the post on Toysrevil or go to their website to learn more.

The figures look to capture this new trend of angular style happening in the Urban Toy/Illustration field. I know one of the blog contributors goes ape over this style so I'll send it to him and see what he thinks about it.

You know I would like to see some more urban legend/folklore type toys in this style since I too really enjoy it. If anyone has any they know of send them my way and I'll post them all up. Hopefully someone other than Mighty Muggs or Mez-Itz will create some Clash of the Titans urban toys! Even though I admittedly own the two Hellboy Mez-Itz.

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