Friday, March 26, 2010

Plush Rendering Take Two

sketchatoy twelve from sketchatoy on Vimeo.

As mentioned is sketchatoy ten, there are many, many, ways to render plush. I'm currently working on a little side project and I needed to do a concept rendering to use in a pitch so I saw it as the perfect opportunity for a long over due tutorial!

This technique is very similar but instead of using the grass brush to create your texture, I am using an actual photograph of a texture (in this case fleece) and then using a grass brush eraser to define my edges.

Here is a link to the actual image I used so you can all follow along and experiment for yourselves. Remember, my character is wood so he's all brown hues, but you can make that texture any color you want! So have fun and if any of you do experiment send the results my way and I will post them.

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